Scheduling Orders

Judge In Charge
John Nugent
(410) 396-1180

Differentiated Case Management Coordinator
Jessica Wilhelm
(410) 396-3045

Assignment, Civil Cases
Teah Prince
(410) 333-3755

Manager, Clerk’s Office
Derrick Gillis
(410) 333-3708

File Room
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Scheduling Orders

Once a case is at issue, a Scheduling Order will be mailed by the Clerk’s Office to counsel setting forth a trial date, discovery deadlines, pre-trial conference date, and other pertinent information pertaining to scheduling.

Requests for changes or modifications

All requests for changes or modifications to the Scheduling Order must be made by motion, which must be filed in the Office of the Clerk pursuant to the Maryland Rules of Court. The motion should be accompanied by a proposed new schedule, including specific dates if agreed by all parties. The motion title should indicate whether all parties have agreed to the proposed new schedule or other requested relief.


Postponements for exigent circumstances within thirty (30) days of trial may be presented Monday through Friday at 1:45 p.m. in Room 231, Courthouse East. All Counsel for the parties must attend.

Pretrial Conferences

Pre-Trial Settlement Conferences (PTCs) are conducted thirty (30) days prior to trial. (PTCs) may be conducted by either senior judges, experienced volunteer attorneys, or Civil ADR staff. The court requires that all parties with settlement authority including trial attorneys, litigants, corporate representatives, and insurance representatives/adjustors MUST ATTEND REMOTELY unless previously excused by order of court.

Specially Assigned Cases

Once cases have been specially assigned to a specific judge, a courtesy copy of all pleadings and documents should be simultaneously provided to the judge’s chambers. Counsel who wish to have a case specially assigned should prepare a request in writing to the Administrative Judge, Audrey J.S. Carrion setting forth the reasons for the request.




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