Selection Criteria


If you are no longer a resident of Baltimore City, be certain to change your address with the Motor Vehicle Administration and Voter Registration Office in the Board of Elections Supervisors AND provide proof to the Jury Office that these changes were made.  Since juror records are taken from these sources, it is important that you promptly notify both agencies of your address change so that your name may effectively be removed from the jury pool for Baltimore City.



A person who is 70 years of age or older may be excused upon request, permanently or temporarily.



If you request accommodations for a mental or physical condition, submit your written request to the Jury Office along with your qualification form (i.e. ASL Interpreter, CART Stenographer, etc.).  This information should be received at least 30-days in advance of your service date.

If you are seeking a temporary excusal for a mental or physical condition, submit a written explanation from your physician to the Jury Office. The physician must indicate a time frame when you will be able to serve.  Be certain to submit the document in advance of your date of service.

If you are seeking a permanent excusal for a mental or physical condition, you must submit the medical form provided by the Jury Office. The form is available here or by speaking to jury staff at (410) 333-3775.  The medical form is to be completed by a licensed physician and submitted at least 30-days in advance of your date of service. Faxes will only be accepted if received from the office of the signing physician. Send all faxes to the attention of the Jury Commissioner at (410) 333-0087.



If you are not a US Citizen, provide a valid, legal copy of your current permanent resident card, green card, work visa or passport.  If you do not have any of these documents, contact the embassy of your country of citizenship for assistance.

Click here to check the embassy for your country of citizenship.


Criminal Conviction/Pending Charges:

If you have pending charges against you or have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to more than twelve (12) months imprisonment, and have not been legally pardoned, you may be ineligible to serve. A copy of the official charging document, court notice or record of conviction is required.

Please note: You may have previously submitted documentation and was excused. Please speak with jury staff to confirm at (410) 333-3775.



All other requests for postponement must be accompanied with proper documentation. 

Jury service may be rescheduled one time within a 12-month period. Jury service should be rescheduled within the next 45-60 days after the initial summons date.  This may be done online or by calling the Jury Office. You may talk with Jury staff at (410) 333-3775 if other arrangements are requested.

A “Walk-In” juror is an individual who may have a scheduling conflict on his or her summons date, but is able to serve up to five (5) business days AFTER their scheduled jury service date. This option is voluntary and replaces the need of rescheduling. Some restrictions may apply. 


Note: The Jury Commissioner’s Office operates under legal requirements to safeguard the privacy of juror information. Therefore, communications with the Office regarding service should be made by jurors themselves, and not by family members or other persons.


Any further reference with regard to Jury Service can be found in the Annotated Code of Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings, Title 8-101 through 402.


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