Message from the Judge In Charge

Honorable Charles M. Blomquist, Judge in Charge
Circuit Court for Baltimore City
Juvenile Justice Center
300 North Gay Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Telephone: (443) 263-2784
Fax: (443) 263-2788

The Baltimore City Juvenile Court is a court of limited jurisdiction that handles cases involving delinquencies; children in need of assistance (CINA); children in need of supervision (CINS); and guardianships/adoptions, which are commonly referred to as Termination of Parental Rights petitions (TPR). The Court’s limited jurisdiction is governed by juvenile statutes, the Maryland Rules (Juvenile), and certain rules of civil procedure that are applicable in TPR cases.

The Baltimore City Juvenile Court is an especially active court, tasked with resolving serious societal problems but gifted with dedicated and talented court personnel. The duties and goals of the Juvenile Court are numerous and multi-faceted, but the Court is nonetheless committed to providing the citizens of Baltimore with a forum that processes cases both efficiently and effectively. The Juvenile Court is staffed by three full-time judges and currently six full-time magistrates. It utilizes a Case Management System that allows parties to file pleadings electronically. Following the conclusion of a hearing, the Court and its clerks use this system to immediately upload court orders and schedule future hearings in a timely manner. 

In October 2023, the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC) will mark its 20th anniversary. In 2003, the Juvenile Court began conducting its duties in the then new Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC), a 244,000 square-foot facility that includes not only courtrooms for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City’s Juvenile Division, but also offices and program space for the State’s Attorney, Public Defender, the Department of Juvenile Services, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, the Legal Aide Bureau, a 24-hour central intake area, and a 144-bed assessment and secure residential facility. The BCJJC offers the Juvenile Court and related agencies a centralized opportunity to provide both established services while providing an environment for creative new programs and services for the children and families of Baltimore City.

As the Juvenile Court emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is committed to capitalizing on advances in teleconferencing technologies like Zoom to provide Baltimore with efficient and accessible routes to justice. It will continue to incorporate this technology while also conducting in-person court hearings when necessary. This integration of technology will reinforce the court’s commitment to access to justice for all that come before it. The Juvenile Court is also committed to resuming its role as a model court site for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ). To this end, the Court has adopted the best practice guidelines of child delinquency and welfare and embraced the initiatives of the NCJFCJ. These include the “one family, one magistrate” policy; alternative dispute resolution; reduction of minority disparity; and enhanced Court medical and educational evaluations and referrals. In delinquency matters particularly, alternatives to detention and diversion for services have been emphasized.




111 N. Calvert Street Baltimore, MD 21202
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100 North Calvert Street Baltimore, MD 21202
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300 North Gay Street Baltimore, MD 21202
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