Jury Overview

Melissa J. Monroe, Jury Commissioner
Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse
100 North Calvert Street, Room 239
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
(410) 333-3775
(410) 333-0057 (f)

THE JURY DIVISION HAS NEW HOURS (Monday through Friday, except State Holidays)

              OFFICE HOURS                   7:30 am   –   4:30 pm

             CALL CENTER HOURS      10:00 am  –   4:00 pm


Received a “Summons and Juror Qualification Form”?

Read both sides of the SUMMONS AND JUROR QUALIFICATION FORM in its entirety. The form tells you if you are being called as a Grand or Trial Juror.  You must complete and return the qualification form within (10) days of receipt to ensure that the Jury Office receives your information in time.  Be certain to complete items 1 through 24 of Part B – Juror Qualification Form, and return it to the Court with any relevant documentation (refer to the DOCUMENTATION CODE LEGEND noted in Part B).

If you prefer, you may complete the JUROR QUALIFICATION FORM online.  In addition to completing the form online, the website also allows you to update your juror profile or to submit a request (one time only) that your service is postponed to a later date.  If any of your answers on the form disqualify or exempt you from serving, or if your request for a postponement of service is granted, you will be notified before the date your service is to begin (as shown on the bottom right portion of the summons) and you will not have to attend.  It is important that you return the form within ten (10) days as requested.

Want to know more about Grand Jury Service? Learn more by following this link here.

Jurors are not to bring/invite visitors or companions with them.  Only the person with a jury summons for the day of service will be permitted in jury assembly areas.  Therefore, children, spouses, parents, neighbors, friends and other guests may not accompany or visit with a juror in any assembly area. Caregivers will only be permitted with prior authorization from the Jury Commissioner.


Alert! – About Jury Duty Scam

This notice is to inform Baltimore City residents of a jury scam that has been reported nationwide and to provide guidance on how to proceed if you believe you are being targeted by this scam.

Citizens are being contacted via phone by a scam artist who identifies himself as a staff member of the Jury Division, Sheriff or Police Departments.  The scam artist claims that the office needs to verify your personal information AND/OR informs you that a fine has been assessed for failing to appear for jury service.  The scammer may even threaten to issue a warrant for your arrest and instruct you to obtain a form of money card, cash advance, etc., to satisfy the fine.

The scam artists are using disposable cell phones, so they have no problem giving a citizen a phone number to call them back.  Once the citizen gets the money card, they are instructed to give the money card information over the phone, which the caller claims will satisfy the fine and result in the warrant being dismissed.  This allows the scam artist to get the money without the need for actual face-to-face contact.  The scam artists sound very convincing over the phone and have been known to threaten the citizen with jail and fines in order to get them to comply.

The Jury Commissioner’s Office of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City does NOT contact citizens by phone regarding the payment of fines for failing to appear for jury service.  Rather, the Court sends a Failure to Appear notice before taking any action.  Subsequently, if a Show Cause order is issued as a result of your failure to appear for jury duty or some other infraction, there is no warning phone call. 

Please protect yourself.  Never give personal information when answering an unsolicited phone call and/or email.  Instead, write down the phone number the person is calling from.  Do not give any personal information about yourself.  Contact your local police department and request to file a complaint. 

Proper Dress

Proper Dress is required.  Dress as if you were going on a job interview.  The following list provides examples of the type of attire that should not be worn for jury service:

  • Uniforms (e.g., medical, law enforcement, military, etc.).
  • Revealing, abbreviated or cut-off clothing (e.g. shorts, tank tops, halter tops, etc.).
  • Exposed underwear or bare midriff.
  • T-shirts with logos, leggings or athletic wear.
  • Clothing with inappropriate language.
  • Other types of clothing not appropriate for court.

Reschedule / Postpone

Jury service may be rescheduled one time within a 12-month period. Jury service should be rescheduled within the next 45-60 days after the initial summons date.  This may be done online or by calling the Jury Office. You may talk with Jury staff at 410-333-3775 if other arrangements are needed.  

The Jury Commissioner’s Office operates under legal requirements to safeguard the privacy of juror information. Therefore, communications with the Office regarding service should be made by jurors themselves, and not by family members or other persons.

No Longer A Baltimore City Resident?

If you are no longer a resident of Baltimore City, be certain to change your address with the Motor Vehicle Administration and Voter Registration Office in the Board of Elections Supervisors AND provide proof to the Jury Office that these changes were made.  Since juror records are taken from these sources, it is important that you promptly notify them of your address change so that your name can effectively be removed from the jury pool for Baltimore City.

Not A US Citizen?

If you are not a US Citizen, provide a valid, legal copy of your current permanent resident card, green card, work visa or passport.  If you do not have any of these documents, contact the embassy of your country of citizenship for assistance.

Click here to check the embassy of your country of citizenship.

Unable to Speak English? No Puede Hablar Ingles?

Prospective Jurors that are unable to speak, read, write or comprehend English will need to meet with the jury commissioner or jury supervisor. They are to call 410-333-3775 to schedule an office visit.

Posibles miembros del jurado que son incapaces de hablar, leer, escribir o comprender Inglés tendrá que reunirse con el comisionado de jurado o el supervisor del jurado. Son de llamar 410-333-3775 para programar una visita al consultorio.


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