About Jury Service

Jury Service is an important aspect of the rights, privileges, and duties that we all enjoy as citizens. Your willingness to serve and participate in this essential part of our judicial system is greatly appreciated by the Court. The Office of the Jury Commissioner is responsible for providing qualified jurors to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.

Jury service interrupts our daily lives and our regular work and home obligations. But, jury service is not only a duty of citizens of our country, it is also a right protected by our Constitution. The right of each eligible citizen to be considered for jury service helps preserve the right of each of us to face an impartial jury representative of his or her community.

Your participation as a potential juror now helps this court remain a fair forum for justice for you, your family, your neighbors . . . for all of us. So, the judges, lawyers, and litigants in the Circuit Court appreciate your help.

Trial by jury is the foundation of the American judicial system. In a civil case, it is the duty of a jury to decide issues of fact in disputes over matters such as property rights, contract rights, and damages for personal injury. In a criminal case, it is the individuals who serve on juries that the parties rely upon for the protection of life, liberty, and property.

The most important function of a juror is to listen to all evidence presented at trial and to decide the facts of the case. The Judge is there to determine the legal aspects of the case and to keep the trial moving forward.

The performance of jury service is the fulfillment of a civic obligation. Our system of justice will not work without your participation. Thank you.

Employers, Employees, and Jury Service

To learn more about employee rights while serving on jury service, please see visit the link here.


“Providing distinguished service to the citizens of  Baltimore City with employees equipped and motivated to serve.”


The Jury Division will provide qualified prospective jurors for cases presented for trial and cases presented to be heard by a grand jury. In carrying out its mission, the primary responsibilities of the Jury Division are:

  • Establish and maintain a pool of qualified prospective jurors under the guidance of the jury plan and pursuant to statutory requirement;
  • Manage juror information as required by statute;
  • Assign prospective jurors to courtrooms;
  • Deliver appropriate compensation to jurors who complete service;
  • Provide courteous and effective assistance to prospective jurors;
  • Establish and maintain liaison with other entities in order to coordinate the delivery of services and programs for jurors. 

There are primarily three goals directing work within the Jury Division:

  • Improve the jury service experience
  • Increase the number of jurors serving for the first time
  • Reduce the number of prospective jurors who fail to appear for jury service

Jury Service Orientation Video 


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