What To Do In Case Of An Emergency Evacuation?

Emergency Evacuation

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is an unforeseen event or condition requiring prompt action. Emergencies at the Circuit Court for Baltimore City can be generally classified as medical emergencies, fire/fire alarm emergencies, and public safety emergencies & environmental emergencies. Emergency conditions either affect an individual, a small group or one of our courthouses. In the case they affect one of our courthouses they typically involve the evacuation of the building.

Courthouse Evacuation

There are many reasons a courthouse may have to be evacuated. The most common reason for evacuation is due to fire alarm activation. Other reasons for evacuating a courthouse include, but are not limited to a bomb threat, environmental condition or a physical threat.

Do the following when you are asked to evacuate the facility by personnel of the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement or the fire alarm sounds:

  1. Locate signs to the closest “Emergency Exit”.
  2. Immediately leave the building following any verbal instructions and follow the evacuation route posted.
  3. During an emergency, a Sheriff Deputy, Court Security Officer, the evacuation monitor of the floor, or a first responder will instruct any individual in need of assistance to the nearest available safe stairwell to wait for emergency responders.
  4. All employees and jurors are asked to voluntarily self-identify if they need assistance in the event of an evacuation.
  5. Under no circumstances are the elevators to be used when a fire alarm is sounding.
  6. Do not return to retrieve any items as it can hinder the evacuation and compromise safety.

Evacuation Locations

Upon exiting move well away from the building. This will prevent a “log jam” of people at the entranceway and allow the fire department swift access. Employees go to the plaza in front of the Baltimore City Hall Building. Jurors are to follow instructions of the Jury Commissioner, judge, or assigned Deputy Sheriff.


The personnel of the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office shall notify you when it is safe to return to the building. No one may return to the evacuated building without prior authorization from the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office.





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